About us

Bianca brought Stroopwaffles to America in 1988.

In 1988, one of our founders, Bianca made the trip from the Netherlands to the US as a foreign exchange student. In her suitcase, she brought only essentials which included Stroopwaffles!

a decade later....

while attending Patrick and Bianca's wedding, Jim Hartman (Bianca's US host dad) had an idea. He suggested the young Family should sell Stroopwaffles in the US.

About DWC

The Dutch Waffle Company was founded and registered in 1999 and blossomed in 2019 when God answered many prayers and all visa paperwork aligned.

In honor of Jim's encouragement, the unique 5 inch stroopwaffle was named 'Jimbo.'

Our Dutch Family has a passion to provide you with fresh Dutch Stroopwaffles, locally produced.


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